The Project

This website presents the texts of the two Examinations of the sixteenth- century Protestant martyr Anne Askew in electronic format.1For information on the author, the sixteenth-century editor, and the texts see the ‘Contexts’ page. In its final form the site will try to achieve the status of what Peter Shillingsburg calls a ‘knowledge site’ 2Peter Shillingsburg, From Gutenberg to Google: Electronic Representations of Literary Texts (Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2006), first mentioned on p. 2. For Shillingsburg, the normative electronic edition is always a knowledge site. for the texts under discussion. Hugely inspired by The Unabridged Acts and Monuments Online project, and keeping the current catalogue of digital scholarly editions compiled by the Institute of Documentology and Scholarly Editing always handy, this website aims to ultimately create a textual archive underpinning scholarly editions that can, to use Shillingsburg’s words again, ‘also serve as pedagogical tools in an environment where each user can choose an entry way, select a congenial set of enabling contextual materials, and emerge with a personalized interactive form of the work (serving the place of the well-marked and dog-eared book), always able to plug back in for more information or different perspectives.’3Ibid. p. 88 This is, of course, an objective not to be achieved by a single researcher on a short term grant. But the publishing of this preliminary work might well be seen as the first step of an academically useful and sustainable goal.

For a discussion contextualizing academic electronic editions see The Digital Scholarly Edition.

For an outline of the editorial vision for this resource see Aims and Objectives.

For the long-term plans regarding the comparison of textual variants see Collation.

To know more about the creator of this web resource see The Editor.

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