As noted in Aims and Objectives, when all transcriptions have been complete, this project proposes to use the software developed by the editor’s home university for the collation of the texts. Prabhed (Difference)1For more detail on the software see the Collation Guide of the Bichitra website was developed for the collation of the works of Indian Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore.2For an example of the collation results see the collation of the manuscript and print versions of the well-known poem 35 (‘Where the Mind is Without Fear’) of the Nobel-winning Gitanjali or Song Offerings (London: Macmillan, 1913) here. Funded by the Ministry of Culture of the Government of India and with the support of Visva-Bharati (the university founded by Tagore), the website presents a variorum edition of the Bengali and English works of the writer with an exhaustive electronic bibliography of his works in both languages. This is a diplomatic edition, without critical commentary or annotation, but its success has been apparent in the number of scholars who have found it incredibly useful in their work. In describing the process of creating Prabhed and its ability to be able to perform both gross collation (at the textual segment and section levels) and fine collation (at word and punctuation levels) of multiple texts simultaneously, project head Professor Emeritus Sukanta Chaudhuri remarks that among such programs it is the ‘only one that offers full multi-level collation of various strata of the text […] There was no collation program in the world that could do as much, and there still is no other.’3Sukanta Chaudhuri compiled and narrated, Bichitra: The Making of A Tagore Website, Springer, forthcoming

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