This group of pages provides the apparatus supporting the edition.

Context supplies introductory information on the author, sixteenth-century editor, printer and the various extant physical witnesses of the texts themselves. There is a table presenting details about all the extant sixteenth-century editions (including locations) sortable by the user.

People gathers a list of the individuals (legendary or historical) mentioned in the texts with short biographical notes or links to external websites offering similar information.

Bible References collects together all the references from the Old and New Testament that Anne Askew and John Bale use in the texts. Bale only provides biblical chapters or oblique allusions, relevant verses from the chapters have been reproduced when a single verse or a couple of verses suffice to illustrate the citation. In case of a large section of a chapter (perhaps a narrative, for example when the entire parable of the Good Samaritan is alluded to by Bale), the verses have not been reproduced but the verse range indicated, sometimes with an explanatory note regarding subject matter. This enquiry has led to the discovery of a few erroneous citations in Bale that have noted in the relevant places.

Chronology begins a preliminary list of the writings of sixteenth-century Englishwomen with external links to freely-accessible electronic editions where present.

Images collects and presents as a gallery (but linked to detailed metadata) images relevant to the subject, the people and the time the texts deal with.

The Bibliography is a listing of all external resources (online or hardcopy) consulted, grouped according to medium (books and articles, web resources/databases and blogs). This is a growing list and will be augmented with time.