Portrait of John Bale

Portrait of John Bale (1538)

Woodcut portrait of John Bale in A comedy concernynge thre lawes, of nature Moses, & Christ, corrupted by the sodomytes. Pharysees and Papystes. Compyled by Iohan Bale. Anno M. D.XXXVIII. ([Wesel?], and lately inprented per Nicolaum Bamburgensem [i.e. Dirik van der Straten]), STC (2nd ed.) 1287. Printed on folio Gii recto. Sourced from Facsimile of the British Library copy published by T. C. & E. C. Jack, London, in ‘The Tudor Facsimile Texts’ series, Vol. 5 (1908), edited by John S. Farmer. Electronic version available at here.