In the near future this page will make available transcriptions of the extant editions of the two examinations of Anne Askew as edited by John Bale. There will also be a modern-spelling edition of the two texts combined. for now, the PDF below Offers a modernised edition of the First Examinacyon although it is titled The Examinations of Anne Askew.  Editorial methodology has been outlined at the beginning of the PDF in the ‘Editorial Note.’

Only Bale’s ‘Preface’ to one version (the British Library copy’s EEBO surrogate) of the texts has been encoded into TEI-XML, but experiments are ongoing to generate the kind of display that would utilise the wealth of metadata that the TEI-P5 guidelines allow the encoder to mark up into the text. The plain text display with a few basic transformations of the ‘Preface’ of British Library STC 848 can be seen in ‘1546: STC (2nd ed.) 848’ (the title combining date of publication with STC number) below. The list of witnesses is of versions available in EEBO and does not indicate all contemporary sixteenth-century editions. For more about extant editions and the texts see the textual introduction and table of texts in Context.

The Examinations of Anne Askew

1546: STC (2nd ed.) 848

1547: STC (2nd ed.) 850

1547: STC (2nd ed.) 851

1585: STC (2nd ed.) 849